Ippin sake is produced by Yoshikubo brewery  in Japan's Ibaraki prefecture. Our  brewery was founded in 1790 and is currently being run by our twelfth president, Hiroyuki "Seizaburo" Yoshikubo. The Yoshikubo Family has been brewing fine sake for 12 generations using only the very best ingredients. We use the crystal clear water from our hometown of Mito to create a drink with the perfect balance of umami and acidity.

Our motto is simple: brew delicious Sake. It's not about sweetness or dryness, it's all about taste!


1790 Our founder, Seizaburo Yoshikubo, established the Awanoya brewery. What was once a rice wholesale store became a sake brewery. 
1945 The building was burned down in an air attack on Mito during the war.
1949 Awanoya was rebuilt and brewing started again.
1952 Awanoya became Yoshikubo brewing Co, Ltd and continued to brew delicious sake using the same traditional methods.
2012 The current president is Hiroyuki "Seizaburo" Yoshikubo 12th.


Awords and accolades history

London Sake Charenge

       2012                  Dai Ginjo - Gold

         Junmai Ginjo - Silver

                                  Junmai - Bronze


San Francisco International Wine Competition

       2014                  Junmai Dai-ginjo - Double Gold 

                                  Junmai - Silver

       2015                  Junmai Dai-ginjo - Double Gold 

                                  Junmai - Silver

       2016                  Junmai Dai-ginjo - Silver

       2017                  IPPIN Brand - Best of Nation

                                  Junmai Daiginjo - The best, D gold

                                  Junmai - Double Gold


Umeshu award all Japan

       2017                  Mito Umeshu - The best of Plum                                                                    wine 2017  



The Sake Process

The manufacturing process of Japanese sake is from a generation of long ago dealing with a duel-fermentation process. The process is controlled with the utmost precision and care. Even in modern times, as certain parts of the manufacturing process take place with the help of computers, the basics of making sake haven’t changes from the days of long ago.

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