Sake Ippin Catering Service

Sake Catering From $300

We highly recommend the catering if you would like to taste an array of sake at once.
We are available for prviate functions at the restaurant or we can cater at your own home. We welcome all functions such as weddings, engagements, business functions, parties.
With our rich hospitality experience we can make your special event memorable and successful.

Kagamiwari  From $999

Kagamiwari is a Japanese traditional sake ceremony where the wooden lid of the traditional sake cask is broken by one or more wooden hammers.
After the opening of the sake cask, the wooden ladle will be used to pour sake into the cups.
Kagamiwari is also believed to bring blessings of health, happiness and prosperity to all.
We welcome all functions all events: private functions such as weddings and parties, and business functions, like opening ceremonies and corporate events.


Satoshi Yoshikubo – CEO of Ippin Australia

Satoshi Yoshikubo grew up in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
Yoshikubo was born into the Yoshikubo Sake Brewery, where it has a rich history of brewing sake more than 200 years.
Yoshikubo arrived in Australia at the age of 24, with the passion to introduce the brilliance of sake Ippin to the country.
He was certified as a sake sommelier in 2014 by SSI International.
He is highly experienced in sake event organisations where he manages more than 60 sake events in a year.

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